wood 12 wood stone 8 stone stone 10 stone wheat 9 wheat desert 0 desert wood 5 wood brick 8 brick wheat 2 wheat water 10 water wheat 3 wheat water 4 water water 6 water brick 9 brick brick 11 brick water 6 water wood 11 wood wood 3 wood wheat 4 wheat brick 5 brick This game is a disposable version of Settlers of Catan, with some modifications to make it more camping friendly.

To obtain the rules, please support Klaus Teuber by purchasing the original game or one of its variations (rules can be found on both sites).

Modifications for Camp
Color felt markers will be used to fill in the roads settlements and cities.
Skittles will be used for resources (18 of each color) purple:water, orange:rock.
A cup can be used to disguise the resources when thieving.
All resources will remain visible durring normal play.
Instead of development cards you will role 2 dice and play your role that turn.
A temple has been added, 3 or more to get the most contribution points.
Use a stone to keep track of who earned the largest army, road and temple first.
ROADlongest road 2 points
each 1 point 
CITY (settlement upgrade)
each 2 points
most contrib 2 points
largest army 2 points
2 Choose 1 resource and collect all of
that resouce from each player
3 Add 2 Roads
4 Take any 2 resources from the bank
5 Choose your Role next turn
6-8Move the Theif and add 1 to your Army
9 Add 1 Victory to your points
10 Trade any resources with the bank
11 Add 2 Temple Stones
12 Collect one resource of your chosing
from each player
Army Tracking
Victory Tracking
First Player to 12 points wins