File OS Type Description Updated
30MinPlan.xlsAnyFileA workout that is only 30 a day and still gave me good results2018/09/01
5.3.1.xlsAnyFileOne month 5/3/1 planner2014/08/04
Budget.xlsAnyFileA Budget that includes Debt payoff Calculations and Burn down chart2011/06/10
CampEssentials.htmAnyFileUltimate camp gear check list2013/09/11
CampSurvival.htmAnyFileBasic Wilderness Survival2011/03/14
CampTripPlan.pdfAnyFileFantastic Trip Plan Template2007/10/17
CheckSum.zipWinAppGUIEvaluates the MD5 and SHA check sum of any file, including very large ISO files2011/05/25
CMDhere.zipWinAppGUIAdds a right click option to cmd from the Explorer menu2007/10/17
ConnectionString.zipWinAppGUIA menu driven Connection String builder2007/10/17
DBCompare.zipWinAppConsoleCompares tables and content of two databases. Can be used to compare a database before and after as well2008/10/22
DriveSync.zipWinAppGUIA very fast Folder Synchronizer2011/03/15
DryPracticeTarget.htmAnypageDry practice target for presenting a handgun from the holster2016/01/27
FFSize.zipWinAppConsoleReports on your Directory and File Sizes2008/08/01
FindInDB.zipWinAppConsoleQueries an entire database for Regular Expression value matches2015/06/09
FormulaD.xlsAnyFileCrib sheet to help play Formula D2018/10/15
GoodNight.zipWinAppConsoleQuickly change all the values of bright and noisy computer settings2014/04/18
GrayHovermanAntenna.rtfAnyFileAll thats needed to make the Open Source Gray Hoverman Antenna2009/12/10
Grep.zipWinAppConsoleGrep for windows2007/10/17
icephoenixmi6wallpaperug0.jpgAnyFileSweet 007 background (wish I knew who to give props to)2009/03/04
IeVimView.zipWinAppBatchChanges IE view source to VIM2007/10/17
Jitsu Dummy.rtfAnyFilePlans to build an anatomically correct Jiu Jitsu Practice Dummy2009/12/11
LifeSaver.zipWinAppGUIScreen Saver based on the game of life algorithm2010/03/16
MiniUbuntu.htmUbuntuFileGuides and lessons from installing Ubuntu on my Dell Mini 9 (Inspiron 910)2011/11/07
MSDev2SharpDev.zipAnyConsoleCreates a Sharpdevelop Project from a directory of cs and vb files2007/10/17
MusicOrg.zipWinAppGUImp3 Music Organiser renames and re-ID3 tags as you listen V:
P90X TwoPage.xlsAnyFileP90X work out sheets all 91 days squeezed to two pages2013/05/13
PlaneRecordNew.gifAnyFileThe 2010 world record holding paper airplane2010/01/28
PlaneRecordOld.gifAnyFileThe 2009 world record holding paper airplane2010/01/28
ProteinCycles.xlsAnyFileNutrition Analysis for Protein Cycles and Carb Loading2010/02/03
RandomBatch.zipWinAppConsolePasses a new random file location from a recursive directory to a batch file each run2008/01/21
RegexTester.zipWinAppGUIReal time regex tool, displays the matches as you edit the expression. Great for learning Grep. V:
Royale noirTheme.zipWinAppTheme007 style windows theme2007/10/17
RunChallenges.htmAnyListFun Running Challenges2014/09/09
RushFit.xlsAnyFileRushFit work out in 2 page spread sheet with calculations2011/03/23
StartingStrength.xlsAnyFileA very simplified starting strength plan with warm up calculation2015/06/09
SurvivorBadge.pdfAnyFileSurvivor Mans Scout badge requirements2010/07/07
Target Corrections.gifAnyFilequick print of grip and trigger corrections target2015/11/18
Target Darts.gifAnyFileJust for fun2009/04/03
Target FBI Q.gifAnyFileAt 8.25y on 11in paper this target looks the same size as a scale FBI Q target at regulation 15y2012/05/18
Target frontsight.gifAnyFilequick print of a front sight target2015/11/18
Target IPSC.gifAnyFileAt 7y on 11in paper this target looks the same size as a scale IPSC target at regulation 13 meters2008/11/05
TimeTracker.zipWinAppGUIReal time time tracker. Generates a CSV of computer use and project2007/10/17
TinFoilPot.gifAnyFileHow to fold a tin foil pot2010/07/07
Truck And RV.xls2019/02/09
VIM Torte.zipWinAppConfigVisual Studio Fonts and Colors to match the VIM Torte Theme2009/12/07
VLC.zipWinAppBatchBatch files to turn your VLC into a PVR2008/01/15
WeekPlanner.htmAnyPageOne week planner with goals and success tracking2016/05/02
Workouts.zipWinAppConsoleWorkout randomizer, selects and loads the random video and tracker2014/01/04
XPathTester.zipWinAppGUIReal time Xpath test and visualizer with detailed output2015/11/10
vimrc.zipAnyConfig007 style VIM config file2007/10/17