You must have all 10 essentials for camp
    following each essential is a list of good suggestions
The pocket essentials are the bare minimum for survival
    make a simple kit that is small enough to carry on all excursions
Links on this page are not necessarily what I have or recommend
    but what I would have if money were no object
    they are also to a common store as apposed to the best price
This is a dont forget list, you dont need to take it all

The Ten Essentials (don't leave home without a minimum in each category)
[]1 Navigational Aids
      know how to use them!
      maps, compass, GPS, charts, hand held radio, batteries
[]2 Nutrition
      Extra food and water
      3000-5000 calories / day
      3-5 Liters / day
      Salt or Gatorade is important in the field
      jerky, nuts, candy, granola, energy bars and dried fruit store well
      Pack water in or know where to find and how to purify it
          Katadyn Micropur are cheap light and tastes better than iodine
          2x 2 liter soda bottles are light and durable
              you can use different color caps for treating and potable water
      a Water condom can be strengthened with a sock and purified with SODIS
      Fishing kit
          20 lb line
          Size 10 hooks and flies (there are always small fish)
          Size 7 weights
          1/32 ounce Mepps Spinners (keep spinners deep and fast)
              gold      - sunny day
              silver    - cloudy day
              red       - murky water
              black     - dawn and dusk
[]3 Sun protection
      glasses, sunscreen 15+ SPF, hat, long sleeves and pants, lip balm
      Polarized Sunglasses have some great advantages
      Bug repellent is also a very good idea
[]4 Flashlight
      spare batteries and bulb 
      Lithium batteries work best in cold conditions and weigh the least
      Try to use the same size of batteries in all gear for swap-ability
[]5 Signaling device
      whistle or mirror to signal searchers if you become lost 
      Fox40 is water proof and loud
          1 blast = YO / 2 Come Here / 3 I Need Help
      Heavy Tin Foil can be used to signal, cook, boil, make char cloth...
      with a signal mirror use your thumb to aim the shine at your target
      Cell phones and walkie talkies are great signal devices
[]6 Fire making kit
      waterproof matches/lighter, fire starter/candle 
      Magnesium Flint is waterproof and lasts for years when used properly
      a piece of hack saw blade makes strong sparks without dulling your knife
      Tinder recommended (toilet paper [for both uses], char cloth...)
          Strips of tire tube dont snuff out in the rain
      a camp stove is a great fire source even when wood is scarce
      Efficient fire building in adverse weather must be learned!
[]7 Insulation
      clothing (rain, wind, sun protection and toque)
      at least one extra pair of clothes you can keep dry (never sleep wet - be dry by sundown)
      in cold sleep with a heated water bottle to keep your water liquid and your body warm
      Bandana is a great hat, dust mask, cool cloth, sling...
      in winter, layer body -> wick -> warm -> water shell
[]8 Shelter
      Tent or emergency shelter
      orange tarp or large orange garbage bag or space blanket
          Can also be used for signaling, rain wear, fish net, water bag,
          sling, melt snow, catch dew, mark trail...
      Duct Tape is a great shelter repair kit
          you can wrap some around a watter bottle for storage
[]9 knife
      your knife is your life!
      Fixed or locking blade
      Sharp and solid, Take good Care of you knife
      Consider wrapping the handle in cord or twine
      A Lanyard is also a very good idea especially in river and mountain
[]10 First Aid kit
      know how to use it!               Altoids size and a big camp or car kit
      Swiss Army style Knife (small and two blades)
      Bandages, dressings, triangle and tensor
      Salt                (or Gatorade) dehydration
      Iodine                            infection or water treatment
      Acetaminophen       (Tylenol)     fever, head ache and dengue
      Ibuprofen           (Advil)       muscle cramps
      Imodium                           stop diarrhea to prevent dehydration
      Diphenhydramine     (Benadryl)    allergies and reactions
      Aspirin                           good anti-inflammatory
                                        300mg at first sign of heart attack
      Hydrocortisone                    Bite and burn cream
      Crazy glue                        close large gashes
      Alcohol pads                      to sterilize and good fire-starter
      Safety pins
      Cotton                            good tinder too
      Dental floss                      good for stitches
      Long camps
          Naproxen        (Aleve)       similar to ibuprofen, but stronger
          Tetracycline    (non allergenic antibiotic) 250mg 4x Daily 
                          !MUST CONSUME 7 DAYS WORTH IF YOU START!
          Anti-malaria    1 tablet per month
          Potassium permanganate      use like iodine
              3-4 crystals / liter to purify water
              add till water becomes bright pink to sterilize
              add till water becomes deep pink to make antiseptic
              add till full red to treat foot fungus
              Ignites when mixed with antifreeze or glucose

[] Pocket Essentials (don't leave camp without your essentials)
      you can make a custom sheath to hold your kit in one place
      (Even children should carry a whistle and know how to use it)
NaviNutrSun LighSignFireInsoShelknifFirs
[] Knowledge and Attitude * * * * * * * * * *
[] Leave a Trip Plan * *
[] Know the weather * *
[] Learn the local edibles * *
[] Button Compass *
[] Map of the area *
[] Fish Hooks *
[] Water condom, SODIS * *
[] Snare wire 28 gage copper * *
[] Fish Line * *
[] paracord handle or belt * * *
[] Heavy Tin foil * * *
[] Flint and Hacksaw Blade * * * * * * *
[] Knife * * * * *
[] Orange Garbage Bag * * * * * *
[] Space blanket * * * * * *
[] Bandanna * * * *
[] Toilet paper * * * *
[] Fox40 whistle *
[] Hand Saw *
[] Crazy Glue *
[] Moleskin *
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Clothing suggestions ================================================================================ Always keep your sleep gear dry a spare set of day gear is recomended []Water-proof hiking boots ankle support and loose toes, Sturdy, worn-in []Sweater wool or fleece []Warm pants quick drying, synthetic or wool NOT cotton or jeans! []Clothes at least a spare dry pair []Socks Synthetic, Wool or Neoprene []T-shirts and long sleeve quick-drying material, not cotton []Wicking Top and/or Long Underwear tops and bottoms, polypropylene or silk []Fleece Pajamas Pants and Top []Rain-wear and wind jacket, hood or hat and pants []Short Sleeve Shirts []Gloves / Mitts garden gloves are great for cooking []Warm toque or balaclava will add warmth in bed too []Quick-Drying Shorts / Pants synthetic or wool Camping Gear suggestions ================================================================================ Guides and Leaders [] Extra Garbage Bags, Toilet paper, Cord and Water [] Have a big first aid kit with lots of bandaids [] Check the stock and expire date of First aid kit items (especially Diphenhydramine) []Backpack and Day Pack []Tent, Tarp, or Bivy sack []Sleeping Bag []Sleeping Pad A pad will boost sleeping bag performance many degrees Wearing full fleece can add five degrees Celsius of warmth to your bag Clean dry long underwear and socks can add two degrees Celsius of warmth. Vapor Barrier Liner (VBL) can add five to ten degrees Celsius of warmth (Not to be used if sweating) An over bag can add five to ten degrees Celsius. a space blanket under you will reflect heat back to you []Stove and Fuel Plan for fire ban []Cooking and Eating Utensils []Cup that can be used for cooking []Pliers for cooking and repairs []Toiletries including toilet paper - makes good tinder too []Baking soda clean dishes and teeth deodorizes gear, calms belly ... []Screw top Tupperware great for leftovers, jello and sented items []Small towel []Paper towels []camp soap []Toothbrush and past your camp style should be healthy and maintainable []Cash! Extra Item options ================================================================================ []30 lbs should be considered heavy []5g Bucket makes a nice internal frame, seat, pail, water proof... Costco size Pretzel Bucket is super light []Seats []Bear Bag []Shovel []Saw []Rope []Gear gun, climbing, hunting, fishing... []Hammock []Dutch Oven and Chairs if no hike []Fuel stove and vehicle []Permits Camping, Fishing, hunting ... []Swim Trunks []Spare Shoes []Projectile-type flares []Camera []Deck of Cards / dice []Hacky-sac []Watch or Alarm Clock []Allergy medicine Sudafed is safest at altitude []Frisbee makes a good shovel too []Sharpening stone []Old clothes for char cloth []Good book []Harmonica []Camp Catan (calories / oz) Light weight Food suggestions ================================================================================ 1002 Dry Potato meals 933 Jello light weight carbs - warm liquid is good for hypothermia 251 Olive oil your body burns warm when digesting fats 165 Almonds 160 Peanuts 160 Peanut Butter 150 Potato Chips 142 M and M's melt in your mouth not in your trail mix 140 Snickers Bar 140 Chocolate A chocolaty trail mix can work as a great stimulant for tough hikes It takes 7 days to build tolerance to chocolate and 9 to recover Chocolate with pain relievers improves uptake and effect by 40% 139 Corn chips light and fatty Hot Herbal Tea and a fatty desert will help you sleep warm 138 Granola bars 137 Trail mix light weight protein 130 Ramen Noodles 130 Cookies 116 Beef jerky light weight protein 114 Cheese wheels last a long time if kept in a moist cloth Vitamin A 114 Bisquick pancakes, biscuits, bannock... 113 Hot Chocolate helps with altitude sickness diuretic - avoid if water is scarce 110 Sugar white stores longest 110 Granola 110 Crackers 110 Cereal 109 Tang great for vitamin C, hot and cold 109 Oatmeal extremely light vitamins and fiber 105 Pasta meals 101 Fruit leather 52 Steak for day one or two at camp even the cheap stuff tastes great 37 Rice Ricearoni light vitamins and fiber 34 Quinoa extremely light vitamins fiber and protein 13 Oranges vitamin C, skin can be used for baking 12 Carrots 5 Herbal tea vitamins and thirst quench ??? Beans ??? Cashews ??? Pistachios Medicinal Tea bags and Emergen-C are light weight and nice to have OXO cubes and Spices make snared food taste better Cyan pepper is a tasty spice and can be added to socks and gloves to keep warm circulation Multivitamins Sample Menu ================================================================================ Breakfast: Cal Fat Car Pro Chl Sod A % C % Ca% Ir% Oat meal 159 3 29 6 0 115 29 0 19 77 Quinoa 223 4 39 8 0 13 0 0 3 15 Dehydrate Milk 159 9 12 8 31 119 6 5 29 1 Dehydrate fruit 77 0 20 1 0 4 2 152 4 9 Egg 211 14 2 17 577 169 16 0 7 9 snack: Trail mix 345 4 33 10 0 7 1 2 6 12 Water 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Lunch: Pasta meal 280 2 48 8 0 660 4 0 2 10 Avocado 150 22 13 3 0 11 4 25 2 5 Taing 90 0 24 0 0 30 0 100 0 0 snack: Beaf jerkey 82 5 2 7 10 443 0 0 0 6 Water 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Dinner: Potato meal 244 10 34 5 4 359 8 23 7 2 Dehydrat Carrot 252 1 59 6 0 204 1013 18 16 16 Jello 80 0 19 2 0 120 0 0 0 0 total 2352 73 334 81 622 2254 1083 325 95 162 Goal 2500 55 406 93 250 2300 100 100 100 100 Over Prepare with out over packing ================================================================================ Campuary [1][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [2][ ][3][ ][ ][4][ ] [5][6][C][A][M][P][7] 1: Train at your normal level Eat 1 gram of protein per day for every pound you want to weigh by camp eat plenty of protein, water and some natural sugar after each workout Take care of permits now or earlier 2: Stop all caffeine and chocolate consumption 9 days before camp (after detox you will be able to use chocolate as a stimulant again) 3: About 1 week before camp Reduce your carbs to about 40 - 50 percent of your total calories Increase protein and fat intake to compensate for the decrease in carbs (this will make your body lean strong and hungry) Continue training at your normal level Start Checking the weather forecast 4: Three to four days before camp Increase your carbs to 60 - 70 percent of your daily calories about 4 to 4.5 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight Cut back on foods higher in fat to compensate for the extra carbs (your body will start absorbing calories like a sponge) Scale back your training to avoid depleting your glycogen stores 5: Get plenty of rest for a day or two before camp and eat lots of small meals print fresh maps and charge batteries 6: Pack your sleeping bag and perishables pack check to ensure you have the 10 Essentials and every thing you need 7: After Camp Pack all but perishables and sleeping bag for next camp Hang your sleeping bag keep it lofty and warm Refresh all the products you used first aid supplies, sun lotion... Update your gear list and maps with the new discoveries