200 arms 20: pushups, tricep rises and pullups per bridge
Biathlon airsoft or elastic guns at targets during run
Bike Chase to golf course, try to keep up with any bikes that pass until the next bridge
Bridge the Gap One person starts off about 100 to 150 feet ahead. One person bridges the gap. The person in front, falls slowly back. When they reach the back the next person bridges the gap to the leader
Burpees 10 burpees first bridge then +1 each bridge
Chase the Rabbit Each bridge a new Rabbit is elected to get a 20 sec head start and be chased to the next Bridge
Crowd chase start on 16 cross for the crossing man, turn and stay on side walk one block if red hand
Death Crawl jog to park, partner up, death crawl (no knees) with partner on your back, trade, run back
Double Down 1.5 miles to 366 Broadway KFC eat a Double down and run back
Fartlek 5 min warm up, 2 km hard, 5 min slow, 50 meter sprint, 1 min warm, 1 min FULL OUT
Football game of forward pass while running
Front to Back all run in sync 5 meters apart, person in back sprints to front, then repeat
Hills run the hills west of REI
Iso Bridges stop and do a 1 min Iso crunch hold each bridge
Ninja team one runs ahead and sets an ambush for team two to run through then swap
No Passers run to REI and keep up with all that try to pass
On Par bare foot from golf tee to hole sprints
Red Hand Crossing Man 16th street if you see a crossing man just run, if its a red hand get ready to sprint
Relay He who holds the baton must set a strong pace and pass it when tired
Rocky run to and up the REI train stairs
Tag you can only run forward no tagbacks
team bursts Divide into 2 groups, group A sprints from one bridge to the next while group B runs it. Group As recovery time ends when group B arrives, you run to the next bridge and then switch roles
Team Hues Tread Mill 5mph for 5min, then 6mph for 5min, then 7, 8, 9, and finally 10mph for 5min
Lockwood 2M in 12m Training 1st lap: Jog 2nd lap: Sprint 220; Walk 120; Jog 50; Sprint 50 3rd lap: Jog 120; Sprint 100; Walk 120; Jog 100 4th lap: Sprint 440 5th lap: Walk 340; Jog 100 6th lap: Sprint 220; Walk 220 7th lap: Jog 120; Sprint 100; Jog 120; Sprint 50; Walk 50 8th lap: Jog 120; Sprint 100; Jog 120; Sprint 50; Walk 50 9th lap: Jog 440 10th lap: Sprint 440 11th lap: Walk 220; Jog 120; Sprint 50; Jog 50 12th lap: Sprint 220; Walk 120; Sprint 100