Joseph Harker
                            10669 Cherrybrook Cir
                            Littleton CO. 80126
                            (720) 255-7651

  -  Professional Software Development experience, ASP, C++, DAO, HTML4,
        SQL, MFC, Normalization, Object Oriented Design,
        Object Oriented Programming (OOP), RDBMS, Relational DB, Visual Basic
  -  Bash, css, Javascript, SQL, Object Oriented Analysis, XHTML, XML
  -  Enterprise Architecture, embedded C, Regular Expressions (Regex)
  -  .Net, C#, CSS, ASPX, Web Services (SOA)
  -  ADO, Compact Framework, Mono, MySQL
  -  Flash Action script, RAD, UML Diagramming, VOS
  -  AJAX, Design Patterns, Test-Driven Development (TDD), VB.Net
  -  DotNetNuke, Portals, Web Parts
  -  JDXML, XPath, Crystal Reports, TSQL
  -  Apache, KornShell, Scrum
  -  jQuery, nHibernate, Entity Framework, WCF, JSON
  -  CSS 3, HTML5, jUnit, MQL4, MVC, POCOs, Razor, jQuery UI
  -  IIS 7, Linq, Log4Net, JQGrid
  -  DotLess, Responsive Design, QUnit, Selenium, T4MVC, Unity, MOQ
  -  AngularJS, Cordova, SASS, IONIC, Jasmine, XSLT, Phone gap, OWASP
  -  NLog, Single Page Applications, Azure, Castle Windsor, WPF
  -  Bootstrap, Flexbox, iOS, Android, Jade
  -  VueJS, Web Api, REST
  -  Unity
Chipotle Mexican Grill        Software Development Team Lead Jan 2013 - present
  - Happily employed as a .NET Web Developer leading a very driven and top
    performing web dev team. Working with Chipotle to help make the world more
    sustainable. Primary focus on the online order services for e-commerce.
  - An important part of the following projects chipweb
    ELearning, BigBurrito, Brightcove, Online Order Admin, Health inspections,
    Point of Presence, TrackIT mobile, VideoHub

Independent Consultant        Software Developer                 1998 - present
  - Project management, advertising, accounting architecture, research and
    development, working directly with clients on JAD, Scrum and Kanban projects.
    Full life cycle software development and deployment.
  - Architected and wrote Android and iOS applications for the
    The app is a share economy app that Brings convenience to your neighborhood.
  - Practice drills app for Android and iOS.
  - Won first place in two categories and a second place in the Microsoft
    Terrarium .Net competition.
  - Designed and created an off-site e-backup solution for Core Network
    Solutions Inc. with C# .Net. The multi-threaded solution is simple to use
    and can back up any size file (900 Gig files tested). This application and
    web service uses 128 bit triple DES encryption, level 9 zip compression,
    file resume uploading and MD5 hash tables to ensure your data is secure and
  - Resolved the slow web site maintenance system with many redundant tasks
    problems of World Wide Caregivers inc. with a C++ self-maintaining web site
    generator. This solution reduced the workload of their web master by an
    average of 3 hours per day.
  - Automated the hours tracking and billing system of a private oil company
    with a C++, e-paper solution. This application automatically updates each
    truck orders, work hours and inventory with an 802.11b wireless hot sync
    when the crew parks the truck at head office. The office is then updated
    with the new invoice and report information.

City & County of Denver       Senior IT Developer            Dec 2006 - Jan 2013
  - Lead Development and support for mission critical city applications
    including Denver City Police real time applications and interfaces with the
    Colorado Bureau of Investigations.
  - Worked with a team of 8 and ported the DenverGov web site to DotNetNuke.
  - Part of a great team, architecting and developing for
  - Used HTML5 and JQuery to create a skinning system that allows over 100 applications to load their application skin from a single
    source. Updates to the skin are performed in one place and all applications
    receive the update immediately. Cross Domain skinning and section 508
    requirements were unique challenges that this project overcomes.
  - One of the public sites that I was lead developer on is MyDenver. A multi 
    threaded SOA portal that leverages MVC and jQuery to aggregate information
    from over 20 web services.
  - Architected and Developed a c# alerts and monitoring system that reduced
    down time from 1.1% to 0.0006%.
  - Lead Developer implementing Service Oriented interfaces from Denver PD to
    County Courts, City Attorneys, Traffic Bureau, Geo Information and the
    Denver Sheriff Department.
  - Implemented an ASPX .Net cloud loosely coupling reporting services to the
    DPD Record Management services without affecting performance of the
    production services.

Integra Claims Inc.         Senior Programmer Analyst        Jan 2005 - Mar 2006
  - Project management, working directly with clients to design, build and
    maintain websites. Software architecture, Framework design and database
  - Coordinated a strategic C# and VB.Net Object Oriented Framework that aids 
    in the rapid production of data driven web systems.
  - Designed, developed and delivered an XMLHttpRequest Engine that uses AJAX to
    improve web navigation speed by an average of five times with one fifth the
    bandwidth overhead. The XMLHttpRequest Engine gives web sites improved
    capabilities and a desktop application look and feel.
  - Implemented a solution for the 2005 Crystal Reports PDF compressor bug. The
    .NET reporting tool created is easier to use and creates crisp vector based
    PDF files in real time. When Crystal Reports had fixed their bug, the
    development team unanimously voted to replace existing Crystal Reports with
    the new tool instead of going back to Crystal.

VintaCOM Media Group Inc.     Senior Software Architect      Dec 2001 - Jan 2005
  - Managed a team of five developers and three graphic artists, CVS
    administration, server replication, app and web development.
  - Reduced VintaCOM server replication times by an average of 60 times with a
    multi-threaded replication tool written in C# .Net. The enhanced replication
    ties directly into CVS.
  - Implemented CVS and designed a three-tiered software development life cycle
    that allows the development team to have a true Sandbox, Alpha and Beta
    stage and gives them the ability to role back to any state in less than two
  - Analyzed and evaluated Intel's voice over IP system VOS, then designed and
    developed a phone system that ties into the Relationship exchange web
    sites, allowing clients to leave voice messages and chat in real time, by
    phone, web or both.
  - Implemented RLLs for VOS with C++ that allow VOS to work with MP3, Web
    services and regular expressions not native to VOS.
  - Created CFX tags for Coldfusion with C++ that gives Coldfusion the
    ability to do data mining, SFTP, blowfish encryption, Merchant accounts,
    secure images and image manipulation that was not native to Coldfusion.
  - Designed, developed and delivered a batch email program in C# .Net. Resolved
    the 3 million queue threshold in the old system. The new system uses an SQL
    server database to allow for millions more records in the Queue and scales
    to handle as many mail servers as bandwidth will allow.
  - Designed, developed and launched an Artificial Intelligence system in C#
    .Net. This system catches and prevents fraudulent use of the web sites we
    maintain. It reduced our charge-back's by 7% and improved our screening
    speed by 60%.
  - Built a Serial port LED display interface with LEDCOM hardware and C# .Net.
    to display on line user counts in real-time from trade show booths.

Qubit Technology              Software Developer             Jul 2000 - Oct 2001
  - Web tablet user interfaces, a home security user manager, embedded operating
    systems BeOS, BeIA, QnX and Windows CE Research and development.
  - Designed and developed an API interface allowing Flash applications to work
    as the desktop of our BeIA and Windows CE operating systems using C++ and
    Javascript. The Flash interface allowed our Graphic team full creative
    control of our tablet user interfaces.
  - Simplified the Windows CE development with a C++ application to automate the
    compile and compression process of Windows CE kernel and application images.
    The application allows developers to work on other projects during the 45
    minute Binary Image Building process. Honeywell quickly adopted my
    application as their Binary Image Builder.

FMP Management Ltd            Programmer Analyst             Feb 2000 - Jun 2000
  - Software development and maintenance, team design and architecture.
  - Designed and developed an Optical Character Recognition OCR engine and
    ActiveX control in Visual Basic for Gregg Inc. In testing the new OCR engine
    was put up against the XEROX OCR engine scanning heavily speckled dot-matrix
    printouts. My engine scored 40% more accurate than the XEROX engine thanks
    to the specific dot-matrix character algorithm.
  - Created a Wide Area Network Print Driver in Visual Basic to resolve network
    hang. The print driver uses compression and checksums to reduce network
    overhead. The old print driver locked down the entire WAN for 2 minutes per
    page when printing from Edmonton to Calgary. The new Print Driver has 0
    network lock time and time to print averages only 500 milliseconds greater
    than printer latency.