Things I found regarding MSFS 2020

See also Tutorial Controls


Game performance and updates work best with the following install setup
  1. Install using Steam
  2. Install the game to your boot drive
  3. Install the data to a non-boot drive


You can get stuck in a strange update loop if you do not loading FS 2020 with the following sequence
  1. Microsoft Store -> ... -> Downloads and updates -> Get updates
  2. Update your video card drivers
  3. Open XBox App
  4. Ensure you are logged in
  5. Ensure App is updated
  6. Open Steam
  7. Ensure you are logged in
  8. Ensure App is updated
  9. Launch Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR
  10. From SteamVR Launch MSFS


Settings guide
My VR Settings
FPS WeightSettingMy Value
88.89%Render Scaling80
5.12%Terrain Level Of Detail50
<1%Terrain Vector DataUltra
2.63%Grass And BushesOff
<1%Objects Level Of Detail100
30.59%Volumetric CloudsLow
<1%Texture ResolutionUltra
1.88%Anisotropic Filtering2X
1.34%Texture SuperSampling2X2
<1%Texture SynthesisUltra
2.16%Water WavesLow
 Shadow Maps768
9.60%Terrain ShadowsOff
3.75%Contact ShadowsOff
<1%Windshield EffectsUltra
17.00%Ambient OcclusionOff
5.33%Light ShaftsOff
<1%Glass Cockpit Refresh RateHigh
Steam OpenXR
40rCustom Resolution50%
20rMotion SmoothingDisabled
5rHardware-acceleration GPU schedulingOff
10rVariable refreshOn
10rGame ModeOff
1rHeadset DetailLow
1rHeadset app resolution720p
10rExperianceBest visual quality
1rAdjust display resolutionbest quality
1rAdjust frame rate90 Hz


Before you start some Tips and Tricks
The tutorials are a great start, I made this guide
More Training
Flight School Digital Aviator FS Academy Flight school
Flight Planning SkyVector Foreflight Foreflight
Air traffic control vhf 118-137 reciver
Scenario Challenges Pilot Workshops VFR Mastery
Test Prep Exams4pilots Sportys

Flight school


In Steam
Install Windows Mixed Reality for steam VR
Install and open
Some people prefer to add OpenXR Developer Tools
Right now the openxr that is built into Mixed Reality for SteamVR is working best for me

This Video has great settings for all of the apps
He references this VR Settings performance list