2-5 Players (Advanced requires 3 min)
Remove 4 Real and 2 Parasites (Advanced deal the hidden roles from this deck)
Place the remaining of the 6 in the box hidden
(Advanced deal "Deep connection" characters face up to each player)
Place identity cards in the middle 2 times the number of players
each identity card face down in rows of 3
add a character card face up on each identity card
deal each player 3 action cards

 All players choose an action card from their hand and place it in front of them
 All players draw a new card
 All players reveal the card in front of them

 Starting with player who holds the first player disk
 Each player does the action on their card in clock wise order
 (Remember you can shoot an advanced player if your card allows)
 (you can not shoot yourself and no one can make you)
 (you can lie about what you see)

 !!! If you shoot the 4th Real, your team looses !!!
 If you shoot a Real, discard a random card from your hand and add an new hidden identity and face up character to the middle
 (if you shoot a co-player's Parasite, you open their eyes and they join the Reals)
 (if you shoot a co-player's Real, do all the normal steps and give the co-player a new identity and character)

 Discard the played cards
 Add a new hidden identity and face up character card to the center
 First player passes the first player disk to the player on their left
  goto PREP

In the advanced game DINNER happens when all the Parasites in the middle are shot
At dinner a player on the Parasite team will not change teams if shot
Discard all action cards

Starting with the first player token and continuing clock wise each player may shoot or not shoot a co-player
 !!! If you shoot the 4th Real, your team looses !!!
This continues until all players agree to stop shooting

To Win mid game, one can declare All Parasites have been eliminated from the middle
At least 50% of the players must agree
 !!! After declaration or after DINNER, If any Parasites remain the Parasites win !!!